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tooth extraction


While our main focus at the Dental Wellness Center of Florida is on preventative oral care, we do perform tooth extractions when necessary on a regular basis. Dr. Sip and Dr. Fenton will always work to restore your teeth if they have been damaged, and avoid an extraction if possible.

In order to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, we clean your teeth on a regular basis and discuss how eating a healthy nutritious diet will also help to maintain your good health.

We also treat gum disease, cavities, and infections in order to keep your teeth in tact and healthy.

If you are experiencing pain or your tooth is in need of repair, call our Brandon, Florida office to schedule your appointment. During your appointment, we will discuss your options with you on what we recommend to be the best choice to restore your oral health. In our dentist office, our friendly staff always takes the necessary steps to make sure you are comfortable regardless of which treatment option you choose, you will feel relaxed during the restoration process.

We will do everything we can to restore your teeth without using extraction as our first line choice to remedy your oral health needs. However, if that is the best option for you, then we will make sure your are comfortable and at ease during the process. Your oral health and overall well-being is our top priority. 


Dr. Michael Sip, D.M.D. Dental Wellness Center of Florida

Dr. Michael Sip, D.M.D.
  1. BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE - If you do have to have a tooth extraction, there are many different ways it can be done. One option is to numb the area of your mouth that will be receiving the extraction to eliminate any discomfort you may feel.  
  2. DURING THE PROCEDURE - Once the area is numb, the procedure will begin, and you may feel pressure throughout the procedure, but no pain. Depending on your tooth's condition, whether it is above the gum or below the gum, this will determine the type of extraction procedure necessary in order to restore your oral health. 
  3. AFTER THE PROCEDURE - Once the tooth has been removed, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and gauze is then used to stop the bleeding. Once the extraction procedure is complete, Dr. Sip or Dr. Fenton will give you instructions on how to properly care for your gums and teeth so that your oral health can be restored back to normal as quickly as possible. 

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Tooth Extraction


Our staff is also well-trained and carefully selected for their attention to serving our patients needs. They help ensure every patient feels welcome and comfortable, while focusing on your overall wellness. 


You'll find our facilities to be modern, beautiful, and clean beyond the simple requirements of clinical need—and our waiting areas are as modern and immaculate as our treatment rooms. At the Dental Wellness Center of Florida, we aim high to exceed your expectations.

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