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What is Invisalign® Teen?

Invisalign® Teen uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to straighten teeth. In order for your teeth to move from being crooked to straight, pressure must be applied to specific teeth in order to achieve your perfectly straight smile. With traditional braces, this pressure is applied to move teeth by using metal brackets and wires that are threaded using different thicknesses depending on how far the teeth need to be adjusted.

Three things you should know about Invisalign® before visiting our office.

1.     Teens love the flexibility of Invisalign®. Orthodontics is not a process that happens in one         visit, and as long as your teen is responsible and remembers to wear their aligners, keep up         with appointments and care for their teeth as instructed, they will have incredible results.         Your teen will be required to wear their Invisalign® aligner for at least 21 hours per day. The         difference with Invisalign® braces as opposed to traditional braces is that your teen can         remove the aligners to eat, brush their teeth, play sports or for taking a picture. 

2.     Easy to use. The clear Invisalign® aligners function like a removable retainer and are very         easy to use. The aligners are removed as needed because they do not need to be         permanently put in place. Due to the fact that the aligners can be removed when your teen         eats, their diet will not need to be adjusted. A case is used to hold the aligners while your         teen eats, just like retainers are. This is by far easier than the flossing and brushing routine         associated with traditional braces.

3.     Cleaner teeth. Due to the Invisalign® braces being removable, teeth are easier to keep         clean. This also lowers the chance for your teen to develop stains or even cavities         throughout the braces process. When traditional braces are worn, food gets stuck along the         brackets and underneath the wires and these areas can be prime targets for bacteria and         plaque to grow which can lead to tooth decay. In order to stop this from happening, special         brushes need to be used each day to that these areas can remain clean. By removing the         Invisalign® Teen aligners while eating, food will not get trapped underneath the wires and         brackets which can cause bacteria and plaque to damage teeth. Using Invisalign® Teen as         your choice for braces keeps your teeth cleaner as they transform your beautiful smile.

If you are wanting to improve the look of your teen's smile and they are in need of braces to straighten their teeth, you should consider Invisalign® Teen as an option for your teen instead of the traditional braces. Invisalign® Teen offers more flexibility throughout the orthodontic process, and could be your teen's perfect solution. Call one of our offices today and schedule your consultation to find out if Invisalign® Teen is right for your teen. We look forward to helping your teen achieve the smile of their dreams!


Dr. Michael Sip, D.M.D. Dental Wellness Center of Florida

Dr. Michael Sip, D.M.D.

  1. ORAL HYGIENE - One of the main factors to consider if Invisalign® braces are an option for you, is the oral hygiene factor. Traditional braces can have an impact on a patient’s oral hygiene by causing their teeth to decay and cavities to form. Wearing traditional braces causes the risk for decay to increase because it is difficult to keep the teeth clean. By contrast, wearing Invisalign® aligners and having the ability to take the aligners out when eating and brushing teeth, decreases the risk of tooth decay and cavities forming. The difference between the care of traditional braces and Invisalign® Braces is that the aligners used with Invisalign® have to be brushed with warm water before placing them back in. Traditional braces require the use of a special flossing tool toothbrush to clean the food particles and plaque off the bracket areas. This process has to be repeated for every tooth.
  2. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES - If your child plays an instrument in the band or participates in sports, you need to think about how braces will impact their daily life and which option for braces, whether Invisalign® Teen braces or traditional braces are the perfect fit for them. If they play an instrument, traditional braces can be extremely uncomfortable to have when playing an instrument. Traditional braces can also create a hazard if your child plays high impact sports such as football. If your child wears Invisalign® Teen braces, they can remove them to play an instrument or play high impact sports, and they still can have the benefit of braces after their extracurricular activities are finished for the day. These are some of the benefits and convenience factors in favor of the Invisalign® Teen braces for your teen.
  3. AFTER BRACES - A retainer will still be worn at night once your teen has completed his or her Invisalign® Teen braces treatment. This is because teeth can revert back to their original position if they are not held into place. Call the Dental Wellness Center of Florida today to schedule your orthodontic consultation so that you can make the most informed decision that is perfect for your smile transformation. 

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