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When you have missing teeth, it can be devastating to a person’s self-esteem. Another problem with the space that is left behind from missing teeth, is the possibility for the gum area to become infected with bacteria and cause the other teeth around it to shift out of place which makes talking difficult.

We at the Dental Wellness Center of Florida understand how missing your teeth can create hardships and destroy their patients self-confidence.

We are located in Brandon, Florida and our staff is ready to serve you!

Our patients’ health, quality of life, and self-image are so very important to us, and we want you to have the confidence to be all that you can be and have a gorgeous smile too!

Dental Implants is another cosmetic dentistry service we provide our patients to give them another option to restore their oral health and smile. Come in and see us today! We would love to meet you and help you in any way we can. 


Dr. Sip, Dental Wellness Center of Florida

Dr. Michael Sip, D.M.D.
  1. AM I A CANDIDATE FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS? - If you have ever asked yourself the question, “Am I a candidate for dental implants?” we ask that you call the Dental Wellness Center of Florida staff at our Brandon, FL location, and schedule an examination to take X-rays to determine if you qualify for implant surgery. If you are not a candidate, we will discuss all of your options including what it will take to restore your oral health to get you there.
  2. AM I A CANDIDATE FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS IF I HAVE CROWDED TEETH? - Crowded teeth can still receive dental implants; however, you may need to wear spacers in order to create space for the implant to be placed before any procedure can be completed. Since an implant requires oral surgery, it is critical to make sure that enough space is created so that the implant can be finished right the first time.
  3. IS THERE A CUTOFF AGE FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS? - Age is not a limiting factor; however, having sufficient bone density is, in order to support the dental implant. When patients wear dentures for a long period of time, sometimes they may have a jaw bone that is not strong enough to support a dental implant. In this case, a mini-dental implant, where the metal post is shorter may be the best option. The shorter post requires less bone density to secure the synthetic root system, and therefore accomplish an implant using less bone structure.
  4. DO I QUALIFY IF I HAVE CROOKED TEETH? - Absolutely, you qualify to receive an implant if you have crooked teeth. Most of our patients that have crooked teeth begin straightening their teeth by receiving orthodontic treatment and receive a dental implant near the end of their orthodontic treatment. This is a way to make sure that space is created for the implant to be put in place. By scheduling your consultation today at the Dental Wellness Center of Florida, you can determine what options are the best for you to accomplish your smile goals. 
  5. CAN I GET IMPLANTS IF I HAVE AN OVER/UNDER-BITE? - Absolutely, you can, and know that the position of your bite is not the only factor that determines if you are a candidate for implants. The first step is to make sure that your jaw is aligned, and then you can work towards correcting both the look and functionality of your beautiful smile.

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Our dentists’ are dedicated to the quality of your dental. That extends beyond their training, practices and techniques. You will find this in every aspect of your care at the Dental Wellness Center of Florida. 


We accept all major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and personal checks for payment of our services. We also accept most major dental insurance plans and Care Credit for your convenience.

Dental Implants


Our staff is also well-trained and carefully selected for their attention to serving our patients needs. They help ensure every patient feels welcome and comfortable, while focusing on your overall wellness. 


You'll find our facilities to be modern, beautiful, and clean beyond the simple requirements of clinical need—and our waiting areas are as modern and immaculate as our treatment rooms. At the Dental Wellness Center of Florida, we aim high to exceed your expectations.

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